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Organic Skincare

Organic Skincare

Since the skin is the most sensitive part of our body, we have chosen products that are delicate and respect its equilibrium.

Our cares are free of paraben, phenoxyethanol, silicone, mineral oils, chemical colorants and are not animal tested.


Probiotic Skincare

ESSE Organic Skincare produces cutting-edge, certified organic products for the professional skincare market. The brand is focused on efficacy. Both clients and therapists expect results. Esse organic skincare don’t see any need to use chemicals to improve skin condition – nature offers us the actives that we need. Esse is driven to find ways to provide maximum benefit to the communities that source our raw materials from the African bushveld. The success of these community projects will continue to provide us with the incredible actives that make our products unique. It will also provide income to communities that desperately need it. Esse is for people that want effective, healthy and natural products that protect their skin as much as their environment.


Salon Organics

GWENYA is based in South Africa and uses organic ingredients. Our products perform for both therapists and clients. GWENYA supports the fair trade, wild-harvest of African plants. For example, Kalahari Melon is sustainably harvested in Namibia and Marula is collected in Zimbabwe. GWENYA products are often 100% natural to Ecocert standards but in some cases we have had to add preservatives that pull the natural percentage down to 99.5%. These preservatives are allowed by Ecocert. We have taken a lot of input from therapists and we understand that the products need to be functional and easy to use. The pump dispenser allows easy delivery of massage media with one hand, the massage products are thick enough not to run through your fingers but not too thick to apply. GWENYA products are suitable for sensitive skins.


For Softer Smoother Lips

- Softer, Smoother, Healthier Lips
- Rolls on for smooth application
- Seals in lip moisture
- Prevents drying of lip tissue
- Hygienic Applicator
- 95% Organic


Skin Actives

BOTANē Skin Actives delivers targeted skin actives with age-defying botanicals, potent antioxidants and protein-boosting peptides to restructure and rejuvenate the skin. Your skin cells will have fun again, all 10 trillion of them. BOTANē comes from the Greek word for medicinal plant – which encapsulates our ethos. Plants offer vital nutritional elements for healing just about anything. Our line promotes a balanced, healthy way of living without compromising our body or the environment. BOTANē Skin Actives stand against unhealthy chemicals for our body and environment. With South Africa being one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, we believe in protecting our incredibly precious environment and health of ecosystems for generations to come. BOTANē is passionately against animal testing. As animal lovers, the issue of animal rights is very near and dear to us. Animals are innocent creatures that deserve to be treated with respect. We’re joining forces in a collaborative outreach protecting our furry, fuzzy creatures.


Nail Care Products

SpaRitual believes that slowing down is the path to enlightenment and is committed to creating earth-sustaining products that relax, nourish, and reconnect mind, body, and spirit. Only in a place unconstrained by time, envy or vanity can we experience our true selves. This place where we find Slow Beauty. SpaRitual provides spa treatment products and resources to help you design and sustain a Slow Beauty practice. All SpaRitual products are packaged responsibly and are designed to complement an enhanced multi-sensory experience.


Nutritional Supplements


Skin Serums

LovisaSkin Serums are completely natural and contain no perfumes, chemicals or parabens only natural vitamins and essential oils. Latest stats show that only 0.01% of products penetrate your skin, hence the importance of the home roler in addition to the serum, which gives you 100% product penetration leading to a healthier, younger skin. Only organic products such as LovisaSkin serumd can be used in conjunction with a home roller to avoid skin allergies. To sooth skin after your home treatment, gently roll the ice roller over treated area.



Little Eskimo helps with:
1. Reducing redness
Little Eskimo constricts blood vessels helping to reduce redness, brining back those gorgeous eyes
2. Late Nights
Every social butterfly knows that sometimes one too many late nights takes its toll on your skin. Little Eskimo helps relax and refresh after a long day or late night out
3. Puffy Eyes
Great for puffy and fatigued eyes. Chillout, take a nap and let the Little Eskimo take care of those dark circles and puffy eyes
4. Alleviate Headaches
Little Eskimo aids in the alleviation of headaches